Gilgamesh Illustrations by Irving Amen ?

Gilgamesh first page with Irving Amen Illustration
Gilgamesh - Translated by William Ellery Leonard, Introduced by Leonard Cottrell and Illustrated by Irving Amen. This wonderful illustrated book was published for the members of The Limited Editions Club in Avon, Connecticut on 1974. Gilgamesh is the oldest known epic poem. It is believed to be of Sumerian origin and to have been written 2000 B.C. The text was pieced together from fragments of Babylonian cuneiform tablets. In fact the book is ordered by tablet number.

The slaying of Khumbaba (page 33)The killing of the bull-of-heaven (page 40)Gilgamesh retrieves the plant of youth (page 96)
Color Woodcuts from Gilgamesh

The goddess Ishtar

The winged bull of Babylon

The eagle symbol of Imdugud, the fructifying rainstorm

The serpent seizing the plant of youth

Gilgamesh and Ur-Shanabi at Uruk